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What is it?

WikiComment was created with a simple goal in mind: to ease the process of giving feedback to students who write wikiarticles as their coursework. Obviously WikiComment could be used in many other ways as well, but that is just how it all started.

In Estonia we have a course called "Estonian Composition and Conversation" in the University of Tartu, Faculty of Science and Technology, where there are on average 200+ participating students per year, who write articles into Wikipedia. We are keenly interested of providing good quality feedback, but with that number of students and with the use of the usual wikisystem, that is hard to achieve. So we needed to solve that issue and so we've come up with a feedback system that would be easier to use and more efficient.

When using the usual method (read: "the talk page"), you need to point out where all of the mistakes are located and then express your concerns about them. With a lot of comments that might get rather messy and it's hard to understand where all of those comments are directed. So it's not a good medium for feedback for neither the students nor the person giving feedback.

WikiComment tries to take steps to solve this problem. First, it allows to add comments to exact sentences/paragraphs to speed up the commenting process and be easier to understand. In addition to adding comments, it also provides various highlighting options and a possibility to strike through text. Secondly, it allows for better monitoring of the articles of interest. That means the user has information about which pages have been modified and he or she can easily check if the changes have solved the marked questions.

You are welcome to use that feedback platform. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it even further then just let us know.




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